A leading quality polytechnic college nurturing highly employable, globally-competitive, excellently skilled and competent graduates.


Equip students with the relevant technological and intellectual skills and competencies to be globally competitive and highly employable;
Engage in productive and useful research studies for innovation and development of the BPC, its adopted community and stakeholders;
Provide industry-driven curricular programs;
Provide continuous professional and spiritual development among its faculty and staff;
Maintain the quality of its learning facilities at par with that of the industry and international standards;
Sustain servant leadership and excellent delivery of instruction; and
Open doors of opportunities for students through local and international partnerships, collaborations, and linkages


To nurture highly employable, productive and globally-competitive graduates;
To engage in relevant and functional research works useful to the needs of the industries;
To augment impact programs to the existing curriculum;
To encourage highly-qualified educators in different areas of disciplines to teach at BPC;
To increase service operation of its current learning facilities;
To create and maintain an administrative system that is efficient and responsive to the needs of the institution; and
To develop local and international partnerships, collaborations, and linkages with the industrial sector, other educational institutions, and local government units to enable students to gain excellent training and experience. | Developed By AOP