The Sentry, as its name suggests, has been serving BPCians for decades now as the eyes and ears of the students — informing them about the events happening inside and outside the institution since the day of its assignment.

Surely, you would like to know how on earth this said student’s publication popped out in BPC. So, sit down, relax, and open your eyes because the Sentry that normally watches over the school’s every move, will take us back to its history, challenging stories and victories. Do not like reading? Try grabbing the campus paper with your hands and laying your eyes on this article for you are about to discover how this organization, which has been part of BPC and in every BPCian’s life, first took its post.

What follows is the brief summary of how the Sentry started serving the public with every bit of relevant information to keep everyone posted of the 5W’s and one H of our institution.

In the year 1998, a conscientious, energetic, literary expert, Mr. Antonio Queror Jr., who was one the esteemed faculty of Bulacan Polytechnic College, initiated a state-of-the-art endeavor by putting up the first school organization. After soliciting advice from the administration, faculty members, and staffers, the name, “The Sentry” came into being which means “guard”. There followed the discrete recruitment of staffers who were potentially competent in the arena of writing. With the stringent trainings among the new members in news, opinion, editorial writings and different genres of literary arts, the school organ made its maiden publication of that same year. It was just a four-page tabloid, chronicling significant events and remarkable achievements of the school, likewise, literary compositions from the students. Despite transition of the school organ’s moderator, the paper remained lofty in its ideals as responsible watchdog of the institution. As more years went by, the school organ has kept its torch burning through candid reports, sensible opinions, feature write-ups and wholesome literary features.

In 2005, Mr. Gerry Cruz, the incumbent college administrator, unveiled his strong support to the school paper by putting up a distinct office fully furnished with computer units and other office fixtures that gave the organization a place of convenience and conduciveness for journalistic undertakings.

A year later, out of the Sentry Staffers’ wild and creative minds came ‘Polybee’, the Sentry’s ingenious proud mascot. He’s the new member of the organization standing by the staffers’ side until the next generations of the Sentry. He represents the school publication as someone with invisible eyes and ears no one can shut off.

Since 2007, The Sentry has been confronted with new challenges that come with the changes regarding the paper itself, the moderator and its staffers. The Sentry, as of this time, has evolved with the collaborative efforts of its other branches, BPC – Obando and San Miguel. This has led to a wider scope and broader peripheral vision since the organization has grown eyes on every side.

From then on, The Sentry’s full force are ever standing up for its call to guard and watch the seasons and the generations that its institution has catered all throughout the years. It has been the school’s strong support for progress and expansion. It empowers the young to carry out the legacy not only of the founders of organization but also the essential experiences that it has witnessed from the moment that it first walked alongside BPC. With its vision and mission printed on its heart, it continues to uphold its promise to be the mouthpiece of bias-free information as it stays responsible, bold, and fearless.