Research and Extension


Code of Research Ethics

It will be a policy of the College that the Faculty and Staff will pursue their research activities consistent with the highest standard of ethical and scientific practice.

The Code provides that all the person engaged in research should exhibit high work performance and ethical conduct; to wit:

  1. Researchers should be devoted to the advancement of knowledge;
  2. Researchers should demonstrate integrity, professionalism, fairness, and equity to uphold the right and dignity of the subjects involved in the research;
  3. Research method and results should be open for evaluation;
  4. should research within the legislative framework which applies to it.
  5. Fraud, falsification of data, and other forms of academic dishonesty will be subjected to disciplinary actions.
  6. data and research materials to be gathered should conform with the highest standard of ethical and scientific practice with appropriate references
  7. misconduct in research is constituted by failure to follow the Code; to wit:

7.1. fabrication/ falsification of data

7.2. line of other person’s ideas, work, or date without permission (“plagiarism”); and

7.3. misleading description of authorship to a publication.