Research and Extension


BPC Research Agenda

                    The institution’s intention to guide the faculty members towards a better output of the research projects in providing an opportunity for all academic units be undertaken, the five-point research plan based on the National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA) memorandum is crafted. It was presented, reviewed, discussed, and improved during the coordination meeting of research coordinators and academic councils, including the College President, last May 24, 2016, at the BPC library.

             The inclusion of the research agenda is broad enough for all academic units of the College to be involved. Likewise, the faculty members of different academic departments are also encouraged to engage in an interdisciplinary research project whose primary purpose is to maximize the use of human and financial resources of the school.

The following schedule is:

  1. Hospitality and food services, safety, security, and nutrition;
  2. Technical assistance such as computer technology and servicing, electronics, electricity, and welding;
  3. Innovations and assessment in teaching, including language and communication studies;
  4. Human impacts and innovations in office practice and entrepreneurship and information technology; and
  5. Perceptions of the human responses to climate change, environmental threats and opportunities, cost and benefits environmental protection and conservation.
  1. The thesis candidates must seek assistance from ORE in statistical analysis, grammar and plagiarism checking. It will ensure the quality and legal aspects of the output.
  2. Students must submit the application form and settle the amount of processing fee.
  3. ORE will assist the students with formatting of paper until it is approved for final printing.
  4. A thorough technical evaluation is conducted, and the Panel of Evaluators will give recommendations for students’ research presentations in various fora.
  5. A certification of completion and approval will be awarded to the researchers by the Vice President for Research and Extension for requirements completion.