Mental Health Awareness Webinar for Employees and Students 

Building Students’ Resiliency against Anxiety and Depression 
Jholiena Lynn C. Manalo, Malolos

“We need to look out for each other and more empathy and understand each other. Remember, we are one family and we’re always here for you. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or to fear of. Ang ating dalubhasaan ay isang ligtas na lugar that I guarantee you upang makamit ang atensyon at tulong at nasa inyong tabi.” — Atty. Joseph “Joey” M. Inocencio, BPC College President.

The College’s Guidance and Counselling Office arranges for a mental health awareness webinar for the students in light of the apparent mental and emotional struggle that they face nowadays. Mrs. Ma. Jessica R. Quiambao, college guidance counsellor, together with the school administration headed the webinar entitled, “Building Resiliency Against Anxiety and Depression”, March 14.
Students actively engage in the webinar, with most sharing their thoughts regarding a topic they feel on a personal level. On the acknowledgement and owning one’s feelings, Resource speaker Dr. Paz H. Angeles stresses that, “It is okay to be lonely, sad and be depressed; but don’t be unfair to yourself”, citing how validation of one’s feeling from a trusted friend and confidant is also a way to counter negative feelings. Resiliency is also emphasized as a coping strategy
The second part of webinar focuses on Anxiety with a plea from Dr. Paz for students to contemplate deeply on what can help them when they start to have suicidal thoughts.
“There’s more to life, life is precious, may solusyon, nakikiusap ako don’t take your life. You can live a good life. Malalagpasan mo yan. Isipin mo lang na hindi ka nag-iisa at may makakatulong sa iyo.”
“Don’t be shy to seek help”, she added.
Mrs. Quiambao, Guidance Counselor/ Advocate adds and assures the students that the guidance office is very willing to help – “nandito lang kami” – them anytime.
The Guidance Counsellor can be contacted using the BPC e-learning portal.