Retrofitting of the Main Campus


As we are getting ready for the limited face-to-face, an inspection of the facilities for repairs was conducted, together with the College President, Atty. Joey M. Inocencio, VP-Admin and Finance, Engr. Arman M. Giron and the contractors who visited the college to make an immediate assessment and make the necessary repairs. 


We are continously having repairs and maintenance, and addition of facilities as preparation to the upcoming face to face classes. 

As part of the preparations, the following was in the pipeline:

1. Monoblock armchairs
2. Floor tiles
3. New buildings
4. 3 gardens
5. New sports equipment
6. Rubberized painted court
7. New computers
8. Office transfer
9. New book titles
10. Hot/cold water stations
11. Athletes support and development
12. New programs/courses
13. Refurbished auditorium

Committee on Multimedia Relation