Research and Extension


The vision of Bulacan Polytechnic College is to be a producer of highly competent and productive human resources. One of the trusts towards realizing this vision is research, where the College aims to engage in research studies for its innovative development. Program planning in research should identify the directions and priorities that should be responsive and directed towards enhancing the existing and proposed program of the College.



The Research Department envisions being a working arm of the Bulacan Polytechnic College in serving the institution’s needs through tangible research input and output that can translate into actions by the College; and being proactive to the main thrust, objectives, and programs of the College.


Towards this end, the Research and Extension Office shall conduct the following:

  • Empirically observe, investigate, and research existing problems and trends within the College that can transform into good subject matter for analysis;
  • Conduct research training for faculty members through research fora;
  • Create and strengthen tie-ups and linkage with private and public industry and academic institutions for possible twinning programs;
  • Initiate and conduct research works for the benefits of the institution;
  • Publish a research journal to chronicle faculty research works to provide research work references for others; and
  • Motivate faculty and staff to conduct action research works.
College Mission in Research and Development
  1. Statement of Principles

The College is committed to equipping the teachers with the necessary technological and intellectual capacity to face modern technology’s changing demands, develop the teachers’ individual working attitudes and values, and engage in research studies for the innovative.

Development of the school; provide industry-driven curricular programs; enhance the faculty and staff’s intellectual, moral, and spiritual standards.

The Research Office is committed to:

  • generate knowledge to respond to the challenges of the fast-growing programs of the College;
  • Undertake research to support curricular enrichment and address problems in the teaching-learning process;
  • encourage and develop faculty competencies in writing research proposals, action research, fundamental research, and feasibility studies; and
  • establish solid and functional linkages collaboration with the cooperating agencies for possible commissioned study.
2. Policies

The College has the following policies on research and development:

  • every member of the Academic community shall mandate to conduct quality fundamental action research;
  • all the research plans shall be based on the thrusts and priority areas initiated by the College, CHED, DepEd, DOST, and TESDA; and
  • The Research Office shall be adequately staffed with competent and productive human resources.
  1. Research Publication

The College shall publish a Research Journal at least once every two years. The materials to be printed shall be critiques by experts through the presentation in an In-House-Review. Research manuscripts should be approved by a panel of reviewers designated by the Research Office.

  1. Programs

The Research Office shall conduct various programs and activities like:

  • In-House-Review
  • Symposia, Fora/ Workshop/ Write shop
  • Mentoring is different research topics; and
  • Sharing of research through publications.