SECTION 1. TITLE. This Act shall be known as the Revised Charter of the Bulacan Polytechnic College (BPC) of 2017.

SECTION 2. POLICY. The Provincial Government of Bulacan, consistent with the State’s policy to promote the rights of all the citizens to affordable quality education at all level, shall undertake to make education accessible to all and ensure that the People of Bulacan shall receive quality education and training in the fields of vocational, technical and technological education. Recognizing the true value and significance of the aforementioned education, the Provincial Government of Bulacan shall endeavor to raise and incessantly improve the level of quality of BPC and all its programs.

SECTION 3. PURPOSE. The Bulacan Polytechnic College shall provide post-secondary education and training in entrepreneurship, vocational, technical and technological fields. In addition to thereto, it shall:

  1. Provide special and/or market-driven education and training in relation to vocational, technical, and technological fields that do not receive adequate emphasis in the existing institutions in the province and in the region;
  2. Offer short-term specialized skills or proficiency-based science and technology related technical courses that is needed by the business and industrial sectors in the province and in the region;
  3.  Offer innovative education and training and/or community-based short-term courses conducive to the programs and projects of the Provincial Government, such as but not limited to health, education, peace and order, environmental protection, livelihood, good governance and to our rich heritage and culture. These shall be offered to disadvantaged groups of learners from poor and/or marginalized communities in the province.
  4. Develop closer linkages and collaborative working relationship with other education and training providers in the province and in the region that will ensure continuing quality improvement of the program content and delivery, and development of new education and training programs; and
  5. Provide baccalaureate degrees which are in compliance with existing terms and regulations on the higher education.

SECTION 4. GOVERNANCE, MANNER OF APPOINTMENT. All powers necessary and incidental to the Bulacan Polytechnic College is hereby vested in a Board of Trustees consisting of members who shall be composed of the following:

(a)        The Governor as Chairman (in his absence, or upon his designation, the Vice-Governor can take his place during meetings):

(b.)       The College President as Vice Chairman and six (6) members composed of, but not limited to the following.

  • The President of the Faculty Association:
  • The President of the Supreme Student Government/Council:
  • The President of the Alumni Association:
  • The Chairman of the Sanggunian Committee on Education:
  • A representative of Association of Local Colleges and Universities, and
  • A representative from an accredited business or industry sector


  • The terms of Office of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and of the following members, namely the Chairman of the Committee on Education of Sanggunian, and representatives of the Faculty Association, Student Government, and Alumni Associations shall be co-terminus with the terms of office of their respective positions.
  • The representative from ALCU who shall be appointed by the BOT for a specific term of office shall hold the position not lower than Vice- President either from the national ALCU or its Regional Chapter.
  • The representative from accredited business or industry sector shall be appointed by the BOT for a specific term of office upon the nomination of the business or industry sector of which the representative is a member thereof.

SECTION 6. MEETINGS AND QUORUM. The Board of Trustees shall regularly convene at least once every quarter. However, the Chairman may call a special meeting whenever he deems it necessary, provided that members of the Board are duly notified in writing, at least two (2) days prior to the meeting, provided further that, in all meetings of the Board involving fiscal matters of the college, the presence of the Provincial Treasurer, as ex oficio treasurer, shall be required.

          A majority of all members holding office shall constitute a quorum for Board meetings Provided that the Chairman of the Board or his representative and the College President, are among those present in the meeting.

SECTION 7. HONORARIA. The members of the Board of Trustees shall serve without compensation but they shall be entitled to incentive/honoraria commensurate their attendance at meetings of the Board or in connection with their official functions as may be authorized by resolution of the Board.

SECTION 8. POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The Board of Trustees shall have the following specific powers and duties:

  1. promulgate policies in accordance with the declared state policies on higher education as well as the policies, standards and thrusts of the CHED under Republic Act 7722 and other pertinent laws.
  2. promulgate rules and regulations consistent with existing laws, rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and functions of the local HEI:
  3. establish policies, guidelines and procedures for participative decision-making.
  4. develop academic arrangements and linkages for institutional capability building with appropriate institutions and agencies both public and private local and foreign.
  5. determine/approve curricular programs and course offerings in response to the needs and demands of the community provided that these should comply with the provisions of CMO No. 10 s. 2005
  6. promulgate policies on admission, retention and graduation of students and to award degree(s), title(s), diploma(s) and certificate(s). However, conferment of honorary degree(s) or title(s) shall be in accordance with the policies and guidelines set by CHED;
  7. ensure the efficient management of non-academic services such as medical and dental. guidance and counseling canteen, buildings. grounds, property maintenance and similar services;
  8. institutionalize research and extension programs.
  9. appoint the President of the college/university upon the recommendation of the search committee:
  10. confirm appointments of other school officials, teaching and non-teaching personnel appointed by the President;
  11. delegate any of its powers and duties provided for herein to the President and/or other officials of the college/university as it may deem appropriate so as to expedite the administration of the affairs of the college/university;
  12. invite representatives from other government or private entities as resource person(s) of the Board:
  13. determine the fees and other school charges:
  14. in coordination with the Sanggunian, provide for the regular support for the development, operation and maintenance of the local HEI; and
  15. recommend to the local Sanggunian policies on tertiary education and other related development legislation on effective governance and management.

SECTION9-TERM OF OFFICE OF THE COLLEGE PRESIDENT – The President shall be selected and appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees for a term of four (4) years and shall be eligible for reappointment for another term only. After his term, the College President returns to the faculty roster of the College with the rank of Full Professor with salary grade equivalent to that of a Provincial Government Department Head.

SECTION 10 – POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE COLLEGE PRESIDENT – The administration of the College is vested on its President who must render full time service. He shall be responsible to the Board for the implementation of all its policies, programs projects, and Services.

SECTION 11. APPOINTMENT OF OFFICIALS – College officials assisting the President, like the Vice-Presidents, Deans, Directors. Registrar. Administrative Officer. Accountant, teaching and non-teaching personnel shall be recommended by the College President to the Board of Trustees, whose designation shall be signed by the Governor

as Chairman of the Board.

In case of vacancy by reason of death, disability, resignation, removal for cause or incapacity of the President to perform the functions of his office, the Board shall have the authority to designate an officer-in-charge pending the appointment of a new President who shall hold office until the new President is appointed; provided that the time frame for the appointment of the new President shall not exceed four (4) months from the time of vacancy.

SECTION 12. CONSTITUTION OF SEARCH COMMITTEE – Six (6) months before the expiration of the term of office of the incumbent President, the Board of Trustees shall constitute a Search Committee for President (SCP) which shall be composed of representatives from the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Chairman of the Sanggunian Committee on Education, Academe, accredited business or industry sector, ALCU and CHED. The SCP shall elect a Chairman and & Vice-Chairman from among themselves.

SECTION 13. FUNDS FOR THE SCP – The Governing Board shall appropriate adequate funds to finance the activities of the SCP.

SECTION 14. PROCEDURE FOR THE SEARCH – The Search Committee so constituted may devise its own rules and procedure for the search.

SECTION 15. NOTICE OF VACANCY – Within ten (10) days upon its constitution, the SCP shall cause the publication of the notice of vacancy for President in a newspaper of local or general circulation and by posting in conspicuous places in the province. The publication shall contain provisions for invitation of applicants and the deadline for submission of applications.

SECTION 16. QUALIFICATIONS FOR PRESIDENCY – Applicants for college President must be a holder of an appropriate earned doctoral degree and must have at least five (5) years of relevant administrative and academic experience.

SECTION17. SELECTION OF QUALIFIED CANDIDATES – Within a period of thirty (30) days after the deadline for submission of applications, the Search Committee shall screen the applicants and select there from the three (3) most qualified candidates for the position of President.

SECTION 18. SUBMISSION OF NOMINEES – The SCP shall submit to the Board of Trustees the ranking of the top three (3) qualified candidates within 24 hours after the selection.

SECTION 19. APPOINTMENT OF THE PRESIDENT – The Governor shall appoint the College President from the three (3) most qualified candidates submitted by the SCP, subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 20. SECRETARY OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES – The College President shall appoint the Board Secretary subject to the confirmation of the Board. He/She shall serve as Secretary for both the BOT and the college. Specifically, he/she shall perform the following functions.

  1. prepares the minutes of the meetings of the BOT;
  2. keeps all the records of the college:
  3. provides administrative assistance to the BOT;
  4. coordinates the schedules of BOT meetings and takes charge of the release of notices of meetings and other undertakings of the BOT upon approval of the Chairman and/or the Vice Chairman: and
  5. performs other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the BOT and/or by the College President.

SECTION 21. ADVISORY COUNCIL. There shall be an Advisory Council to be composed of:

  1.      The Vice Governor (or his representative), as Chairman;
  2.      Bulacan Provincial Government Department Head;
  3.      Provincial Director of Technical Education and Skills Development

      Authority (TESDA);

  1. CHED Regional Office representative:
  2. Department of Education Division Superintendent, and
  3. Three prominent citizens who have distinguished themselves in their professions or field of specification.

The Advisory Council shall meet (as the need arises) whenever the Board of Trustees are called to meet, and also in the same venue. They shall have the duty to advise and recommend to the Board of Trustees, policies governing the administration, management and development planning of the College for appropriate action. They shall be entitled to the same honoraria and other privileges granted to members of the BOT.

SECTION 22. ACADEMIC COUNCIL. There shall be an Academic Council composed of the President of BPC as Chairman, the Academic Head (VPAA) as Vice-Chairman and faculty members whose academic ranks belong to instructor III and above. The council’s duty is to review and recommend curricular and rules of discipline of the College to the Board of Trustees for appropriate action. It shall fix the requirements for admission of students as well as graduation

and the conferment of degrees subject or review and appropriate and approval by the Board of Trustees and the President of the College.

SECTION 23. ACADEMIC FREEDOM. The Bulacan Polytechnic College shall enjoy academic freedom as a State College and an institution of higher learning.

SECTION 24. ADMISSION. No student shall be denied admission to the College by reason of gender or sexual orientation, nationality, economic status, religion, political affiliation or physical disability provided that priority of enrolment shall be given to bona fide residents of Bulacan and to those whose parents or guardians work and pay their taxes to the province of Bulacan. Further, enrollment shall be subject to the rules and regulations of admission prescribed by the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 25.THE FACULTY MANNER OF HIRING – The body of the instructional officials and staff, together with the College President shall constitute the faculty of the Bulacan Polytechnic College. In the appointment of the members of the faculty, no religious test shall be applied, nor shall the religious opinion or affiliation of the faculty be made a matter of examination or inquiry. No faculty member shall indicate sectarian tenets in any of their teachings, nor attempt either directly or indirectly, under penalty of dismissal by the Board of Trustees, to influence students or attendants at the college for or against any particular church or religious sect.

SECTION 26 EX-OFFICIO TREASURER AND ACCOUNTANT -The Provincial Treasurer and Provincial Accountant shall be the ex-officio Treasurer and Accountant of the college, and all accounts and expenses thereof shall be the Provincial Auditor or his duly authorized representative. Their authorized representatives shall conduct a regular audit of all account and expenses of the College once every six (6) months. They may likewise conduct an unannounced audit whenever necessary.

SECTION 27 SUBMISSION OF REPORT – On or before the first day of June of each year, the Board of Trustees shall submit to the Provincial Governor and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Bulacan a detailed report setting forth the progress, condition and needs of the College.

SECTION 28. ANNUAL BUDGET. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan shall appropriate funds for the operations of the College until such time that the BPC can stand and be self-sufficient. For this purpose, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan shall automatically appropriate an amount in the annual budget of the provincial government allocated to serve as annual funding or budget for the Bulacan Polytechnic College equivalent to at least 5% of the total annual budget of the provincial government.

Additional funds may be appropriated for special programs and projects which may be deemed necessary as determined and approved by the Board of Trustees

SECTION 29. PUBLICATION – This charter shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation and shall be posted at conspicuous place in all BPC Campus in the Province of Bulacan.

SECTION 30. SEPARABILITY CLAUSE – If any part or provision of this Charter is held void or unconstitutional by any competent court, the remaining part not affected by such ruling

shall remain valid and effective.

SECTION 31. REPEALING CLAUSE. All provisions of existing ordinances inconsistent with this charter are hereby repealed.

SECTION 32. EFFECTIVITY – This charter shall take effect fifteen days (15) after its publication.

Approved: July 27, 2017