Guidance Office

Guidance and Counseling is an important part of the institution's educational program. It is designed to entertain and counsel students who have problems in academic and other related cases. It further aims to promote the student's personal, educational, social, emotional and vocational well-being as well as to establish self-awareness among students.

The program will help them to discover their abilities, potentials and limitations which will enable them to become better persons. Any student can approach the Guidance Counselor for guidance and counseling sessions.

Vision and Mission

It envisions to provide preventive, developmental and remedial services to all students with the coordination of the school community.

Its mission is to assist each student to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and life-long learners.

Individual Inventory

We utilize personal, psychological, physical, and social data provided by students for proper understanding, decision-making and placement.

Psychological Testing

We use psychological tools to administer, score and interpret psychological tests to assess students’ potentials and behavioral tendencies. “Oh YES! It’s FREE”.


We provide important, timely and relevant facts related to personal adjustment and academic challenges to ensure the maximum welfare of students.


We provide individual or group counselling using different platforms to help students understand themselves and their environment.


We provide follow-up services to ensure success of the program and prepare interventions to meet students’ individual needs.

Career Development and Placement

We assist students with career decision-making, college course offerings and requirements, job trends information and referrals and employment opportunities.

Research and Development

We provide evaluation of guidance services annually to indicate the need to modify policies of the department and the school itself.

Mrs. Ma. Jessica Quiambao

Guidance Officer

Mrs. Estrilita M. Amaninche

Student Wellness Coordinator