VISION Bulacan Polytechnic College envisions to become a lead provider of the quality and affordable technical-vocational, entrepreneurial and technological education, and a producer of highly competent and productive human resource.

MISSION Thus, Bulacan Polytechnic College is committed to:

  1. Equip students with necessary technological and intellectual capacity to face the fast-changing demands of modern technology;

  2. Develop the ideal working attitudes and values of the students;

  3. Engage in research studies for innovative development of the school;

  4. Provide industry driven curricular programs;

  5. Enhance the intellectual, moral and spiritual standard of the faculty and staff;

  6. Maintain the quality of its learning facilities at par with that of industry;

  7. Sustain efforts towards effective administration; and

  8. Strengthen linkages with the private and public sectors.

GOALS Bulacan Polytechnic College has the following specific goals:

  1. Produce employable, productive & globally competitive graduates;

  2. Engage in research works to determine the needs of industries in the preparation of new curricular offerings & for employment purposes;

  3. Augment impact programs to the existing curriculum;

  4. Attract & retain highly qualified educators in different areas of disciplines;

  5. Increase service operation of its present learning activities;

  6. Create & maintain an administrative system that is efficient & responsive to the needs of the institution; and

  7. Develop strong linkages with the industrial sectors, other educational institutions & Local Government Units to ensure the high quality of training.