A Woman of Her Words

Echoing around the eight campuses of Bulacan Polytechnic College for almost three months now is the new tagline, "BPC: home of the brave, the beautiful, and the blessed" and the voice behind these words is our new college presidentm Dr. Janet R. Valdez. What usually follows the line is here interpretation of the statement with the intention for students to view themselves with the image of success and self-confidence. Looking into the the words one by one, 'brave' is her tribute to the Province of Bulacan where Philippine heroes who fought for our independence resided. She, then, connects it to the hope of the nation - the youth, who bravely face hurdles and obstacles to attain their diploma. 'Beautiful' comes from the province's claim as the "tahanan ng magagandang dilag" which parallels to the physical beauty of the school she desires to achieve by maintaining the cleanliness and the green environment. 'Blessed' is how she describes the students, now called as "BPC scholars" for being recipients of the benevolence of the provincial government through the generous efforts of the governors from the time of Hon. Robert Pagdanganan to the present governor of Bulacan, Hon. Daniel R. Fernando, resulting to free miscellaneous and tuition fees.

As the new matriarch of the BPC family, one can immediately see the "mother instinct" naturally comes out of her the moment she proudly uttered the word "home" during her first visit in the campus adding the adjective "ideal" referring to what kind of home BPC is to her. Just like the forerunners of the institution, she can easily spot the potential of the school despite the amount of work it needs to turn it into what her vision shows her BPC can be. She also recognizes all the efforts every member of BPC puts into by saying, "they are ideal people who are ready to serve", motivating her to spend each day working with these people with the hope of making a difference with them one step at a time.

Doc. Janet is the epitome of the kind of household she wants the family to come home to. She is brave to initiate change even if it means starting all over again and destroying old practices that are no longer serving everybody's interests. She's not afraid to confront hindrances and things that need to be changed by being the first to show how it's done. She is so driven that she would really push herself to exhausting, literally lifting things to where they should be, addressing concerns to the right people, leaving her with almost no voice at the end of the day.

She sees beauty and express it both inwardly and outwardly. She uses the most beautiful words she can find and makes sure to acknowledge the good in every person from the utility, to the students, faculty, and staff.

She doesn't want to hear people apologizing for doing the best that they can especially when they are doing tasks for the first time. She views perfection as something achieved by learning from previous mistakes and she collaborates in setting things right to show how beautiful the can be after.

Because her presence exudes passion and compassion for people, it's no longer a surprise how she's blessed with people who also share the same heart for charity. In three months, she has expanded the family with the partnerships she has forged through the years who now desire to support her in her dreams to take BPC to greater heights.

She recently introduced the family to various organizations and personalities like Vice Chairman Youngjun Kim of United Press International, Grand Chancellor Dr. Samuel Salvador of Royal Institution of Singapore, Chairperson of New Civilization Network, Asia Pacific Chairman of Family Peace Association, Chairman Jayson Villacin for Club of Malolos Hiyas. Many are still planning to join the pack to be part of what God has planned for BPC all this time.

There is no doubt that who Doc. Janet is and what she has is exactly what BPC needs right now - a brave, beautiful, and blessed woman of her words, doing right forward. She's a true blue Bulakenya, beautiful inside and out with a heart for every Bulakenyos, hoping to be a blessing as her way of paying forward to the land who has blessed her with so much.

Mabuhay ka, Doc Janet!

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